XR Central a Cross Reality Tech Studio is Now Incorporated in The United States

New Delhi, 21st September 2021: The brand-XR Central with its CUBE platform that enables businesses to create collaborative virtual 3D spaces ventures out to the United States of America as XRC Studios Inc. The brand aims to democratize the way XR experiences have been created, published and viewed.

Anshul Agarwal, Co-Founder, XR Central said “We are growing fast and given the opportunity in the XR space, this is a strategic move for us. We are eager to start operations in the United States. I am sure this incorporation will help in execution of a lot of things which will accelerate our journey to the next level.”

Shrey Mishra, Co-Founder, XR Central remarked “North America is an early mover market in the XR space and our presence their only adds to our strengths. Having a footprint will not only move us towards exponential growth but also enable us service the global clients efficiently”

A start-up that allows visitors to experience products and services from the confines of their homes is surely catching everyone’s eye during the times of Covid which has pushed boundaries for all the businesses globally. The challenge, the pandemic has raised, for many businesses has been how to quickly take their businesses digital in way that increases their customer engagement, business pipeline and customer satisfaction & loyalty. The solution to this challenge is a new experiences through Immersive (XR) technology in current business strategy that not only elevates the end customer experience but also positively impacts the brand equity and recall.

About XR Central |

Founded in 2020, XR Central is an interactive tech studio focused on solving real business problems with Gamification, Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality. They craft immersive applications and experiences with XR for the ever-changing enterprise landscape.

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