Rashmi Madhuri crowned Miss Earth India 2021

New Delhi: The most awaited name of the winners of Miss Divine Beauty pageant 2021 is revealed now; Rashmi Madhuri from Bengaluru a 27yr old entrepreneur of pharmaceutical company was crowned the title of Miss India Earth 2021 by the former queen Tanvi Kharote. At the same time, 18 yr. old Vanshika Parmar from Himachal Pradesh was crowned as a Beauty with a Responsibility winner this award aims not only to acknowledge the work done by the beauty queens in order to bring a substantial change but also support the future endeavors of their project. Miss Divine Beauty 2021 competition held on September 25th at the ITC Hotel, New Delhi, under the supervision of Divine Group Foundation’s Founder and Chairperson Deepak Agarwal.

Thousands of people from all over India got themselves registered in this program and only 48 girls were selected from the thousands and out of those 48 girls, 17 girls were selected in a 5 day program and these selected 17 girls were groomed and trained for the finals. Under the same program 48 contestants ran 45 social awareness campaigns for the Pageant Award Beauty with a responsibility.

Miss Divine Beauty is a national beauty pageant in India operating under the parent organization Divine Group that primarily selects India’s representatives called Miss Earth India to compete at Miss Earth, which is one of the Big Four major international beauty pageants in the world Along with Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss International and Miss Earth is an annual international environmental-themed beauty pageant competition promoting environmental awareness, conservation, and social responsibility.

Deepak Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Divine Group says “we appreciate the work done by all 48 finalists in order to bring a substantial change in the society. The contestant was present for the entire pageant journey and fulfilled all the necessary requirements for the same”.

Miss Divine Beauty 2021 event activities were directed by pageant director Yashraj Tada, PR Director Nimisha Saxena, Ajay Yadav, Naveen Khairalia, Shyam Meena, Ashok Pandit and Deepak Sharma. Contest is devised and programmed to empower the women of today to be capable of being recognized at one of the biggest platforms and voice their opinion on social rights and responsibilities and extend their support to make society a better place to live with peace globally. The winners represent the country tomorrow. The winner will represent India at Miss Earth 2021.

Miss Earth India or Miss India Earth is a title given to the Indian woman who represents India at Miss Earth, an annual, international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness. The current national pageant which chooses the Indian representative for Miss Earth is Miss Divine Beauty of India.

Miss Divine Beauty Pageant acquired the rights to send India’s delegates to the Miss Earth pageant in 2019, and one of the winner of the contest “Tejaswini Manogna” was crowned Miss Earth India 2019. The reigning Miss Earth India 2020 is Tanvi Kharote. She was crowned at National Beauty pageant Miss Divine Beauty 2020.

The MISS EARTH Pageant is an International Environmental Event channeling the beauty pageant entertainment industry as an effective tool to promote environmental awareness.

Because many people admire and aspire to be a beauty queen, Carousel Productions, Inc. believed beauty queens would be a good and effective advocate of worthy causes. To give life to this vision, Carousel Productions Inc. organized and launched in 2001 the MISS EARTH Beauty Pageant, a beauty event whose raison d’etre was to have its candidates and winners actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth.

Apart from a strong emphasis on environmental protection programs, MISS EARTH also aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations. Every year, more than 80 delegates from all over the world compete on beauty and knowledge of environmental issues.

The winner of MISS EARTH will serve as the Ambassador to environmental protection campaigns worldwide. MISS EARTH continues to build its reputation as the most relevant and worthwhile beauty event in the world, setting a legacy of beauty and responsibility.

The pageant is a search for the most beautiful women of the Earth to serve as a role model dedicated to uphold the advocacy to preserve and restore Mother Earth.

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