Nalanda Educational Institutions is in the Process of Shaping India’s Future by Enlightening the Path of its Students

Hyderabad, Telangana : There is no denying the fact that the literacy rate in India is very low as compared to the other countries. Nalanda Educational Institutions is working hard to enhance the country’s literacy rate. The institute has produced numerous open-minded and passionate students who have zeal in their hearts to work for the betterment of the country’s future. Also, this institute actively helps the economically backward students. If a student desires to pursue further studies, but due to inadequate resources, is not able to do so, Nalanda Educational Institutions will come to their rescue. It has come forward to shape the future of India by educating the people of the rural areas.

With the help of these institutions’ training, the students are taking steps to create a sustainable environment. For the students to flourish in their careers and excel, the institute provides a great learning environment and ensures that they don’t face any difficulty in learning. Unmatched quality of education is provided to the students keeping their future in mind. Nalanda Educational Institutions is devoted to its students and aims to provide them with the best training.

The institute ensures to provide great cooperation services and leadership programs to help the students take the lead in their career. Graduates can effortlessly advance their knowledge and skills with help from programs offered by this institute. They are also provided with the option of taking up higher studies at some of the famous colleges in India or across the globe.

Nalanda continuously faces the challenge of developing India’s future by teaching them an excellent thought process. It aims to develop the full potential of its students and create versatile members of the society.

Surya Manthena completed Creative Psychology at Harvard University. He is the director of the Nalanda Educational Institutions and has been teaching numerous students for several years now. He is the third generation of his family to have taken over the reins of this institution. He is following in the footsteps of Late Manthena Suryanarayana Raju, the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, Manthena Srinivasa Raja.

From a very young age, they teach students to choose their path for the future. The institute motivates them to do great things in life. Surya is the only director and student coordinator in the state of Telangana that provides numerous certificates for the development of logical mindsets and children’s creativity, irrespective of how they perform academically.

The Nalanda Educational Institutions aims to provide education to every child in their field of interest, and they are not deprived of their dream career just because of inadequate resources. The institute wants to see the people of the nation feel proud of its future, and for that, it is doing everything possible. Diverse education is provided to several students in varied fields so that leadership, integrity, curiosity, compassion, balance, reflection, etc. are promoted. Being a strong contender in the education field for the last 40 years, this institute is one of Hyderabad’s most famous educational institutions.

The main spark and enthusiasm to the institute’s endeavours are brought in by Surya Manthena, the youngest director. He has been working very hard for years to educate the rural masses of India. The major objective of the institution is to create bright minds by providing them with a high-quality education. They are also taught the importance of being one of the best citizens of their country. The institution’s faculty has been motivating its students to perform great in their career, no matter which field they choose.

Apart from the studies, the students are provided education to know the importance of having several other traits. These traits include kindness, honesty, respect, and responsibility. This institute is successfully providing unmatched quality of education, promoting a sense of leadership, intellectual foundation, etc. The institute ensures that the students are elevated in several fields, and they succeed and soar high in all of these fields.

Nalanda Educational Institutions was awarded Best Emerging Outstanding Schools in the Year 2020 because of the quality of education provided and for their amazing work in this field. They are doing a great job by helping to shape India’s future.

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