Madhurima Guruju – A Literary Reawakening

Madhurima Guruju an author who is known for her poetry books musings on life, musings and memories has been away from the glare of the literary world for quite a long time.

Her impeccable writing skills moved the hearts of youth, with poems that touched the souls and made everyone feel relatable to her words. As per the sources, Madhurima is wrapping her poetry book with illustrations; she is even on a writing spree for a couple of biographies. The one on actor Naveen Polishetty and the other one on Kanchi Rama Rao who was a reputed political leader from Thiruvuru.

‘I am traveling on both the paths hence I got busy balancing myself and I barely find time to actually lend my updates on social media handle ‘ quips the author.

Her most anticipated project on Naveen Polishetty made headlines numerous times yet it took tentatively backseat  as the author is keen on releasing her poetry book first.

‘The book on Naveen Polishetty has to wait. I invested a great amount of time constructing a series of poems and short stories that provided the illustrations to dedicate to those who combat mental health in solitude’ adds the author.

An interesting revelation also came forward that the books on Naveen Polishetty will likely be released in two volumes although the context of uncertainty in the process didn’t douse her spirit.

‘The fact that the process is going great and the Volume 1 will comprise detailed case study of his movies, however Volume 2 has other plans’

Somehow, the given hints derive that the author is planning to remodel her novel taking Naveen Polishetty as a main source of inspiration in this plot. Much more interesting updates are yet to arrive. Stay tuned.

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