Idemitsu new launch engine oil series for cars and motorcycles, getting good feedback from consumers

Idemitsu is dedicated to precision since 1911 to tailor oils to meet customers' needs

New Delhi, 25 November, 2022: Idemitsu Lube India, a leading automobile lubricant manufacturer launched its all-new range of fully synthetic and high premium Nano Tailored oil for cars and motorcycles in India in the month of May this year. The new IDEMITSU Nano Tailored engine oil series IFG and IRG oils are perfected by taking full advantage of latest Japanese technology and 110+ years oil expertise, that provides best-in-class engine protection and lets you enjoy peak engine performance and feeling of excitement in your heart with every drive and ride.

The new IDEMITSU engine oil series, which is available in IFG (Idemitsu Four-wheelers’ Gasoline engine oil) and IFD (Idemitsu Four-wheelers’ Dual engine oil) for cars and IRG (Idemitsu Riders’ Gasoline engine oil) for motorcycles has been well received in the market amongst customers. Each series is further classified as Flagship 7 series, High Premium 5 series and premium 3 series based on Septet guard and Quintet guard technology. The IRG7 series product, which is known to be used by international racer Nakagami is now being offered in India, focusing on the niche market segment of bike owners for whom bike performance and bike riding joy matters.

On successful completion of 5 months since the launch, Akira Kitagawa, Deputy Managing Director, Idemitsu Lube India said, “Customer feedback is vital to us, and we are getting good response from the market. Customers are satisfied and can feel a clear difference in their vehicle performance with new Idemitsu New Engine Oils.”He further added, “We are quite thrilled to be addressing the demands of driving and riding enthusiasts with our new nano-tailored engine oils. This product is yet another example of exceptional Japanese technology. We are devoted to delivering the best engine oils for cars and motorcycles for high-performance driving experience and we will continue to ensure that our esteemed customers feel the excitement in their heart with every drive.”

The new range of IDEMITSU engine oils are now available at Idemitsu retail outlets across India.

IFG and IRG:

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