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CM Dhami Praises OHO Radio’s Founder RJ Kaavya – Says “Uttarakhand should make the best of its potential and set higher benchmarks for the country and mankind”

On the occasion of the 76th Independence Day and completion of 75 years of independence, the entire country wrapped itself in saffron, white and green to celebrate the Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav. Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav has been in full force this year and has seen everyone – from kids, college students, office goers and retired personnel coming forward to wave the flag and bow down to our freedom fighters and our brave soldiers. For 75 years we continued to be free and sovereign because of the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families.

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami took part in RJ Kaavya and OHO Radio’s “Jai-Hind –Uttarakhand Ke Veer” campaign dedicated to our martyrs and their families. CM Dhami expressed his appreciation and bowed to the widows and families of our brave hearts from Uttarakhand.

A felicitation ceremony took place in the Jan Sevak Sadan, Where CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said, “I feel so honoured to be in the presence of our _veer naaris_ and to have had the chance to speak with the families that nurtured such brave souls. I am thankful to OHO Radio’s team & RJ Kaavya for designing such a thoughtful and necessary social campaign to honour our martyrs. I am so overwhelmed by the sacrifices that the brave sons of Uttarakhand have made and so happy to see their wives and family standing tall with this pride. We have continued to be under a free sky for 75 years because of our soldiers and I am so glad to be here on the occasion of Azadi ka Amrit Mohatsav to felicitate the wives and family members of our martyrs.”

Dhami appealed to all citizens and social institutions – and especially OHO Radio to continue taking up such initiatives that focus on material development and human development. To champion just causes and stand up for what is right. To make such practices that could be considered the best and are seen as the golden standard in the country. He expressed his wish to achieve this vision by the time Uttarakhand turns 25.

He said, “I have seen the passion and talent that we all have in Uttarakhand. We need to rise up, Uttarakhand should make the best of its potential and set higher benchmarks for the country and mankind. We have so many resources at our disposal and such zeal in our youth, our state can and should make such plans that it comes to the top in business, farming, healthcare, education, and tourism. When Uttarakhand turns 25, we will not only celebrate it turning 25 but all other accomplishments we have that make us proud.”

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