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Child Help Foundation Organized Activities and Campaigns for the Upliftment of women on International Women’s Day

Mumbai, (Maharashtra), [India]: Child Help Foundation, a Pan India non-profit organization firmly believes that society’s progress is impossible without the upliftment of girls and women in the nation. In the last one decade, the NGO has helped countless girls with educational and medical support.

Being true to its belief, the NGO has organized multiple campaigns and activities in different parts of the country to give special recognition to women on this International Women’s Day. Child Help Foundation distributed health and hygiene kits to 30 sweepers at Thane Railway Station, Mumbai and sarees were distributed to 72 female sanitation workers in Haryana.

A team visited Libania Niketan in Mumbai, where creative activities and fun games were conducted with mentally destitute girls. Overall, 14 girls participated in these events. The winners were gifted with soft toys, and the rest of the girls got crayons, puzzles etc. 

Not only that but the female employees of Child Help Foundation got treated to a special event during the auspicious occasion. Quizzes, Game Shows, Talent Shows, and Distribution of Gifts were conducted at various branches of Child Help Foundation across the country.

Talking on the occasion, Child Help Foundation CEO, Mr. Shaji Varghese said, “We believe that women should be empowered to bring about change in society. It’s for this reason that we have committed ourselves to reducing the gap between men and women. When a woman is financially independent, they become brave to stand up against atrocities committed within and outside their family. Thus, we have taken a stand against patriarchy and trying to bring women and men on an equal playing field. We hope that we can inspire others to do the same.”

On this occasion, the NGO also raised awareness for POSH- Prevention of Sexual Harassment. Various sessions were held at two offices in Mumbai, Maharashtra. One at Collector’s Office in Palghar, Mumbai and the other one at Siyaram Company in Boisar, Maharashtra. Child Help Foundation was able to reach out to 30 staff members in Collector’s Office and raised awareness amongst 80 members of the Siyaram Company. A committee was formed to ensure gender equality in Siyaram Company at Boisar, Maharashtra. 

Further, Child Help Foundation recently created a Bazaar Haat in Gulabigaon, Nashik District, Maharashtra. In this Bazaar Haat, the NGO has helped the women villagers and provided shops to do their own business and earn their living. The organization hopes to expand its pool and help more girls and women in the future.

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