Cheetah Yajnesh becomes the director of O2rise Aqua Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rajkumar Bidawatka, director, ‘O2rise Aqua’ appointed Cheetah Yajnesh Shetty as the Director of the company. Since the last 25 years Cheetah Yajnesh has been serving the society in many aspects; he is known globally for training children and women in self-defence & educating underprivileged children. Admiring his hard work & effort, O2rise Aqua has decided to support Cheetah Yajnesh in his social endeavour.

Talking about O2rise Aqua’s upcoming ionized water range, O2rise Balance, director Cheetah Yajnesh says, “What sets us apart is that our source of raw water is naturally alkaline with a pH level of 8.9, making it more nutritionally balanced for consumption. From anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain digestive health & build immunity to high levels of anti-oxidants that’s know for slowing down the ageing process, benefits of drinking O2rise Balance are multi-fold. The company has exciting things in the pipeline for it’ consumers in the coming new year. What I appreciate the most is, with even its O2rise’s range of mineral Water, it’s completely free of any additives. Every sip you take from O2rise takes you towards a state of better wellbeing. I am very excited to work hand in hand with O2rise to encourage conscious hydration & thank the company for trusting me with such a big responsibility.”

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