Actress Shradha Rani Sharma to shine in ‘Garba’ of Navratri in Surat and Vadodara

Film Celebrity Shradha Rani Sharma will show her talent in Navratri’s ‘Garba’ programs

Film Celebrity Shradha Rani Sharma is getting a lot of offers as a guest in the Garba programs in Navratri these days, out of which she has agreed to participate in the program of Surat and Vadodara in Gujarat and talks are going on in some places.  Due to which she is going to have a very busy schedule in Navratri.  Regarding this, Shradha Sharma Says, “It is the grace of Durga Maa that in Navratri, I am invited as a guest in many programs. Now two places have been finalized and many places will be finalized soon.”

Regarding the festival of Navratri, Shradha says, “Nine days in Navratri, all the goddesses are worshipped. Through this women power is told all over the world. The culture and civilization of our country is shown through this festival that Woman is also powerful and always becomes the reason for the destruction of the world. Therefore, she should be respected. Happy Navratri to all. Jai Mata Di.”

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